Thursday, July 23, 2009

Get a Unique Business Card

John Moore of Brand Autopsy likes to say that your marketing should "earn an opinion." One of the easiest ways to earn an opinion in a new relationship is with your business card. Get creative and make your card unique.

For example, John Moore's business card is a toe tag,


Waco, Texas real estate broker Andy Sheehy fashioned his over-sized business card after a sporting event ticket.


For my own business card, I decided to make it look like my logo icon and went with a round business card. It costs a little bit more, but it earns an opinion every time I give one.


When making your business card unique, think about using both sides of the card. Make a statement on the front, put the important contact information on the back.

How can you earn an opinion with your business card?

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Adrian said...

Hi Jay,
Some great ideas here.

Have you seen what is happening over at and what they are putting business cards?

Btw it's not my site,


Jay Ehret said...

Yes, Adrian. I've see Hugh McLeod's stuff. I think what he did with business cards was a large part of his fame.