Friday, August 10, 2007

Business Cards

Marketing Idea: Maximize the marketing potential of your business cards.

Here is some useful advice from Karen Saunders' blog about business cards.

1. Choose some cover stock with some meat (thickness).
2. Create a focal point to attract the reader's eye.
3. Have a strong, clear logo.
4. Don't include too much text, use white space for balance.
5. Use a highlight color sparingly, don't overdo it.
6. Make sure the color is appropriate for your business type.
7. Don't use more than two different fonts on your card.
Thanks Karen!

More Tips: Business cards are a great way to market your small business and an inexpensive way to gain a competitive advantage. Your business card says a lot about you to potential customers. It's the first message that communicates how you take care of your business.

8. Put your picture on the card, don't be a faceless company.
9. Use both sides of the card so you can say more about your business.
10. Print your mission on the card, or say something important about what you do.

Sounds like a lot to fit on a little business card, which is why you should use both sides of the card. This can get expensive if you are using a local printer, so consider using an online printer.

Two printers that offer reasonably priced, quality business cards are:
48 Hour Print

With each of these you can upload your logo and picture and create a card. You can also use PhotoShop or another graphics program that allows you create a pdf file of your card to upload. You can get 500 quality business cards printed on both sides for under $60.

Now that's cheap marketing!

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