Monday, December 17, 2007

Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah! 13 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Unique

Ben Bernie was an orchestra leader in the 1930's, who used to sign off his radio program with "Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah." It was his trademark and he became famous for that saying. Why? Because it was unique.

If you are struggling to build perceived value in your business then it's time to look at your uniqueness. The larger the sale you have to make with your business, the more you need to build up your perceived value. The key is to find that one unique feature on which you can hang all of your marketing materials.

Here's How You Do It
Start asking yourself some questions and start with these:

  1. Who are the customers or my audience?

  2. What should people feel when they come in contact with my offering?

  3. What are my top three business values, other than honesty and quality?

  4. What unique resources do I have that my competitors don't?

  5. What do I aspire to accomplish for my customers?

  6. If the sky were the limit, what might be possible with my business?

  7. Do I have a unique model, system or process by which I operate?

  8. What's my biggest weakness and how could that be my biggest strength?

  9. What could be the potential risks, costs, or consequences to my customers by not doing business with me?

  10. What are the top 5 questions asked by my potential customers?

  11. What do my customers think must be done in order for them to be totally satisfied?

  12. How does my offering give my customers momentum?

  13. What is it my customers think I cannot do?

After asking these questions, you will most assuredly have jotted a list of multiple unique features about your business. Now compare that list with what your competitors are saying. Eliminate anything that sounds anything close to what they are saying.

Of the remaining items on the list, which one inspires you and would inspire your customers? There's your uniqueness. Now put that on all your marketing materials and never lead with anything else. This is what you are going to use to build perceived value in your business.

Thanks to Gerald Haman of Solution People for the inspiration of these questions. Gerald has created a truly unique pocket innovation tool call the KnowBrainer, which I use to help my clients devise unique solutions.

For more help on finding your uniqueness, see Connect the Dots: Building a True Brand, on our other blog: The Marketing Spot.

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