Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Get Your Own Free Marketing Case Study:

Would you like some free marketing ideas for your small business?

The Idea Spot blogs is now taking requests for marketing case studies. If you are a small business in the United States, with under $3 million in annual revenue, you are eligible to get some free marketing ideas to build your marketing plan.

There is no obligation on your part to participate. This is not a sales pitch. We will only use this information as material for this blog.

Here's how it works:

1. You fill out the request form here: Idea Spot Request Form

  • Be as descriptive as possible about your current marketing situation. What are you doing now? What are your problems areas? What would you like to accomplish with your marketing advice.
  • Indicate only one of four categories in which you would like marketing advice: Branding, Customer Experience, Word of Mouth, Advertising. These are the four categories that comprise the 4-Spot Marketing Model at our firm: The Marketing Spot.
  • Make sure you include your contact information. If you do not include contact information, we will not consider your request.

2. If we select your business as a case study, we will then contact you by phone and conduct
an interview. This interview will take aproximately 30 minutes of your time and is
completely confidential.

3. Our team will then brainstorm marketing ideas specifically for your business, based on your

4. We will write your case study and post it on this blog. We will then notify you that your case
study is live. There are usually additional ideas not included in the case study which we will
send to you separately.

5. You implement the ideas into your marketing plan and enjoy the benefits for free,
professional marketing advice!

Check out some of previous case studies here: Idea Spot Marketing Case Studies.

The Idea Spot small business marketing blog is maintained by: The Marketing Spot
Our other small business marketing advice blog is: The Marketing Spot Blog

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