Monday, January 21, 2008

Guerrilla Marketing Series: Going Back in Time

I know that new marketing is the rage. Heck, I'm a participant. But is there still room for "Old School" marketing?

Perusing my book case this past week, I spotted my old copy of Guerrilla Marketing: Secrets for making big profits from your small business, (the 90's version) by Jay Conrad Levinson. My well-worn copy hadn't been used in years.

It got me wondering; Will this stuff still work? Have we so evolved that traditional guerrilla marketing tactics are no longer applicable?

Still Fighting the Guerrilla Marketing Fight
Levinson is still going strong in the New Millenium and the 4th edition of his book was published last year. Guerrilla marketing was always about keeping up so it's no surprise that Levinson has followed his own advice. There is a 92 page "New Media" section in the latest edition of the book.

But this week, we fire up the Idea Spot time machine for a look backward. Hey, if everyone else is using new media, maybe Old School Marketing is just what you need to stand apart from the crowd.

Stay tuned this week for five Guerrilla Marketing ideas...


Jack Payne said...

Guerrilla Marketing is still--basically--a good concept. But, social networking has crept onto the scene at such a fast pace as to overshadow everything else.

Jay Ehret said...

Jack, your point is valid. I assume you are talking about online social networking. If so, I wonder if Levinson would consider this a Guerilla Marketing tactic?

However, I think that social networking is not for everyone. There is a large percentage of the population (your customers) that don't like to network socially, be it online or personally.

Also, I think the younger the demographic, the more effective social networking is at attracting customers.