Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Put On A Show

When customers walk into your business, don't just let them walk into a door. Let them walk into another world. Give them something out of the ordinary and create one of those magic spots that we talk so much about.

Here are some ideas:
From the stuff4restaurants blog: Hire a magician to entertain your customers. See the video here: Magic Bartenders

Remember our Salon Experience Case Study on this very blog? We suggested that Pepper's Salon in Puyallup, Washington, team up with a local, upscale fashion retailer and have live models showing the latest fashions during their busiest hours.

Sometimes a little entertainment can go a long way. Just be sure that when you do put on a show, it is congruent with your customer experience. A magician in a bar is great, a fashion show in a salon is fine. A mime at a billiards hall would not go over that well.

What show can you put on in your business?

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